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Overcome Limiting Beliefs


Are you seeking a supported path to release resistance and realize your unlimited potential?

Whether your goal is increasing prosperity in business, attracting your true soulmate, or nurturing spiritual growth...

Your path begins here.

Imagine easily connecting to your heart and being open to receive love and abundance. Consider how your life would change if you could get clear on your soul’s purpose.

My life's work is to assist you on your magical journey and to help you tap into the inner resources within you...

to reactivate in you the awareness of your own guidance system so that you could remember how powerful you truly are.

What is a Life Flow Catalyst?

In the art of alchemy, a catalyst helps accelerate the rate of change during a transformation.

That is exactly what I help you accomplish with my intuitive gifts.

I guide you to alchemize more love, happiness, and abundance in life.

In our sessions, I connect you to your innate ability to transcend limiting beliefs, clear away resistance, and finally illuminate your path to energetic flow.


When your life is in flow, the wisdom to formulate a balanced life of peace, wellness, and oneness with the Universe is yours.

I am your catalyst for change.

Let's begin your journey...



Elena Pristavka

"Alejandro is simply wonderful! I immediately felt comfortable with Alejandro, I felt he was someone I could trust. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I was a bit anxious. But that anxiety melted away in the first few minutes of talking to Alejandro. His energy is calm and balanced, it made me feel safe and helped me relax. My experience with Alejandro was deep and meaningful. This journey has helped me reconnect with my inner self on a completely different level. I am very grateful to Alejandro for his work and the energy he puts into it. He is talented, professional, insightful, enlightened, and a delightful person. He shines of light!"

Vera Anderson, Finance & Business Strategist.

“Alejandro helped me realign energetically with my bigger purpose. On a tactical/business level, my thinking has expanded and I am forming bigger plans, breezing through things I considered obstacles/blocks in the past, and creating incredible new opportunities, both in business and my personal life. I find myself relating to people more easily and authentically, making my interactions deeper and more engaging. Events and circumstances feel less arbitrary and more aligned. It has been rewarding on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.”

Michael Harrison

“I wasn’t very satisfied with my life when I first contacted Alejandro. Just after a few sessions, I felt like an entirely different person. Alejandro carefully guided me through the entire journey. It was an incredible experience! My perception about life has changed drastically in more positive and inspiring ways. I can’t recommend Alejandro's guided sessions enough.

Thank you, Alejandro!"

Reshma Patel, M.D.

"Seems words may not fully capture the experience of working with Alejandro. He has such an innate ability to bring forth what already lies within, in a way that is gentle yet empowering. If you're ready to bring forth your greatest self and to start living a life of significance in a way you have not before, I highly urge you to consider working with Alejandro. There is great wisdom, possibility, and transformation in this partnership and process."

Are you ready to unleash all your creative power to experience abundance in all aspects of life?



If the answer is yes, simply apply now for your FREE introductory call with Alejandro to see how he can facilitate your journey!